Police Chief

With the retirement of Police Chief Gary Smith, the search for our next Chief of Police is underway. The Mercer Group has been retained to assist us in our search and has created this Recruitment Brochure to best inform potential candidates.

This Profile is intended for use as a resource in the search for the City of Lebanon’s next Chief of Police, both to provide prospective candidates with key information and to provide a framework for discussions between individuals involved in the search process and prospective candidates.


The City of Lebanon Police Department is organized into a Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police, and a Captain in charge of Patrol Services. Under the Captain, there are two Lieutenants over Patrol Services, a Communications Supervisor and a Custodian/Facility.  The Patrol Lieutenants split responsibility for supervision of three Sergeants and the remainder of the Department staff assigned to Patrol.  The Chief of Police has an Administrative Assistant and two Lieutenants directly reporting to him in charge of Prosecution/Records (an attorney is in the process of being hired) and Investigative Services.

While much information is provided herein, candidates are encouraged to learn more about the City of Lebanon by perusing its website, and are also encouraged to get more information at: http://goo.gl/ozpUCf

Application Process

This position is open until filled. First review of candidates will occur on July 17, 2015. Confidential resumes should be sent by close of business on July 16, 2015 to:

James L. Mercer, President/CEO
The Mercer Group, Inc.
5579B Chamblee Dunwoody Road, #511
Atlanta, GA 30338
VOICE: 770-551-0403
FAX: 770-399-9749